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Assistive Technology for Mobile Device Access


Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have become an important part of our society. Such devices are used for many different tasks such as reading books, taking notes, controlling other devices, surveillance, photography, and much more. The same devices are also very accessible now for individuals who have a disability. Devices can read out loud, scan and convert printed material to speech, magnify text, convert text to Braille, and so much more. The Mobile Device Access solution offering is designed to evaluate the need for this type of assistive technology.


  • Identify mobile apps that may assist the participant.
  • View videos and observe live demonstrations of appropriate apps when available.
  • Determine what apps are appropriate for the individual.
  • Discuss related services.

Prospective Individuals

  • All individuals who have difficulty taking notes.

Estimated Time: 1 – 3 hours
Location:  Online remote session in a Zoom meeting room or at Voilà Technology office.

Comprehensive Written Evaluation Report (OPTIONAL)

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