Evaluation & Assessment
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Evaluation & Assessment

The assistive technology evaluation and assessment is a very important first step in the assistive technology process.  It is vital to find an assistive technology specialist who understands the entire process, and most importantly who will take the time to understand you and your needs. 

You want to work with a specialist who continually takes part in professional development.  You also want to work with an assistive technology specialist who has invested in purchasing assistive technology that you can evaluate and use.  Lastly, when your evaluation is over, you want to have a detailed assistive technology evaluation report that you can use as a guide.  All of this will lead to a successful implementation of your assistive technology system.

When you come in for an evaluation and assessment, you will get all of this and more. As you will learn, I am legally blind/visually impaired.  Not only do I understand your need for assistive technology, I can empathize with you.  This is rare and invaluable experience that I will share with you.  Not only do I recommend the assistive technology, I must use it daily to manage my business and personal life.  In addition, I frequently have manufacturers come in to train me on new technology.

Following the evaluation, you will receive a detailed report that will immediately become a powerful guide for your overall empowerment plan.  Many ACCES-VR counselors have praised my reports for their attention to detail and innovative approach.


I’m on New York State contract with ACCES-VR of the New York State Education Department. 

I’m approved to provide assistive technology and rehabilitation technology services for ACCES-VR participants.  I have also worked with the Veterans Administration, educational institutions, and the private sector.  Evaluations and assessments are typically held in my safe and accessible office.  Other safe and accessible meeting locations include school counseling centers, colleges and universities, and other New York State government locations.  With the advent of web conferencing technology, most evaluations and assessments can be completed via the Internet.  Interested parties must have access to a high-speed Internet connection and a computer with speakers and microphone.