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QUICK SOLVE Assistive Technology Solution


A ‘QUICK SOLVE’ assistive technology solution will immediately empower a disabled individual with a specific need. It is for situations when access to technology and information is essential and there is strong desire for a rapid solution. A targeted assistive technology analysis is performed (bypassing a formal comprehensive evaluation) and an immediate path forward with implementation guidelines are provided.


  • Immediately identify appropriate assistive technology to quickly resolve the accessibility issue.
  • Identify other services that may contribute to a successful implementation.
  • Develop an action plan to setup and implement the recommendations.
  • Receive training, if desired.

Prospective Individuals

  • Struggling students.
  • Unemployed individuals.
  • Employees in the workforce.
  • Senior citizens.

Estimated Time: 30m-60m call
Location:  Online remote session in a Zoom meeting room or at Voilà Technology office.

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