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I’ve provided services for many agencies and individuals across the United States.  ACCES-VR Of the New York State Education Department, the Veterans Administration, Eastman Kodak, and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque are just a few of our satisfied larger organizations who have contracted my services.  You will also find a list of very satisfied ACCES-VR participants who have received services from me through ACCES-VR.  I’ve supported people with the following impairments.

  • Learning disability.
  • Blind and visually impaired.
  • Quadriplegia.
  • Paraplegia.
  • Speech impaired.
  • Hearing impaired.
  • Repetitive stress and repetitive motion injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.

If you feel that I may be able to help you or someone that you know who has an impairment, I hope you will consider contacting me so that we can discuss the possibility.