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Assistive Technology Education & Training

Once we have completed the evaluation process, assistive technology training is the next step to complete the process. 

Without participating in the proper assistive technology training program, you are putting yourself at risk of experiencing difficulties in getting up and running efficiently and successfully.  It’s important to have a successful implementation of assistive technology.  Training will help to ensure a positive outcome. It’s important to me to make sure you get up and running as quickly as possible so you can achieve your educational and occupational goals in a timely manner.  For over three decades I’ve provided training to many people across New York State and even outside of New York State.  I’m currently on New York State contract with ACCES-VR of the New York State Education Department to provide assistive technology training to participants.  It would be an honor to serve you as I have so many others over the years.

Research has proven that people learn differently.  It is for that reason why multiple ways are offered to deliver instructional content.  An assessment will take place prior to the start of your training program.  This will determine how you want they instructional material presented to you.  We will also determine a schedule to follow.  Your time is valuable.  You typically don’t have the time for a full, multiple day or week course.  It’s for that reason why lessons are designed to provide you with the necessary instruction to complete tasks.

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There are multiple ways in which you can receive assistive technology training. 

Depending on the destination, on-site instruction is available in a safe and accessible location.  Another, more popular mode is to receive live instruction over the Internet in a web conferencing system.  A high-speed Internet connection is required along with a computer equipped with speakers and a microphone.  Lessons in this mode are shorter and there are more available times to hold lessons.  What is also nice is that travel is not required.  You can also receive training via the telephone in some situations.  If you wish a more self-paced type instructional program, there are a limited number of tutorials available with more on the way.  A blended learning solution is also available.